An electric bicycle is an electric-powered bicycle that helps you while riding. The maximum speed of an electric bike with the engine is 25 km / h, in case of higher speed the engine automatically shuts off and you only drive with the power of your own muscles. If you run out of battery or turn off the engine, you can ride your bike like a classic bike. To help the electric motor assist you while driving, it is enough to select one of the auxiliary electronic gears and pedal. Electric motor assistance comes on a few seconds after you start pedaling and goes out a few seconds after you stop. Therefore, if you want an electric bike to help you ride, pedal.


1. Turn on the power to the electrical system by pressing the electrical switch on the side of the battery, the blue light will come on.
2. Press the ON / OFF button on the LCD to control the electric bike.
3. Electrical assistance rates range from 0-5. The highest grade is 5 and without electrical assistance is 0. Press the +/- button briefly to increase or decrease the aid level.
4. By briefly pressing the ON / OFF button, you can see various information on the screen. The information is presented in the following order:
– Speed: current (speed) – average (AVG) – maximum (MAX)
– Distance: trip – total (ODO) – elapsed time (time)
5. When you have finished driving, switch off the electrical system using the control panel in the same way as you started it. Also disconnect the battery-operated electrical system.


The electric motor is protected by a thermal sensor and automatically switches off in the event of overheating. Wait for 10 minutes to cool down and continue driving. For higher climbs, it is recommended to reduce the level of electrical assistance and drive using mechanical speeds.

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