Hours Price (€)
1 hour 8€
4 hours 20€
24 hours 25€
Weekend (Sat - Sun) 47€
3-6 days 22€ /day
7-13 days 19,50€ /day
14-20 days 17,50€ /day
21-27 days 16€ /day
28-34 days 15€ /day

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    Rent a Electric Bike
    City eBike CW500
    Rent a Electric Bike
    City eBike CM600


    Technical specifications Parameter
    Dimensions (L × W × H) 1900 × 700 × 1180mm
    Weight ≤ 25kg
    Maximum speed 25 km/h
    Maximum load ≤ 120kg
    Wheelbase between front 1135 ± 5mm
    Power consumption per 1000 km 1.2 kW/h
    Motor type Brushless permanent magnet motor
    Rated output 250W
    Rated voltage 36V
    Rated torque 7Nm/32Nm
    Motor effectiveness >75%
    Maximum tyre pressure 3,5 – 6 BAR
    Full Charging time 6,22 hours
    Input voltage 220V/60Hz
    Maximum performance 60W
    Low voltage protection 31.5 ± 1V
    Over-voltage protection 15 ± 1A
    Battery type Lithium-ion battery
    Capacity 8.7 Ah
    Battery voltage 36V
    Long battery live up to 70 km
    Child seat
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    Price Plans
    From 20€/4 hours
    4h eBike Hire

    eBike rental is the best option for those who want to save time and see more of the city. We offer city tour maps to not get lost while exploring new places.

    From 136,50€/week
    1 Week eBike Hire

    Renting a ebike for a week is the optimal option for active people to travel. You may also like to know which model is best for you before buying yourself one.

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