Article 1.
These General Conditions for the Use of Electric Bikes (hereinafter: the General Conditions) govern the interrelationships between Pedelec d.o.o. Sarajevo as the owner of the electric bicycle and the lessor and user of the service or lessee, the terms and conditions of renting and using the electric bicycle, the duties and responsibilities of the users, the duties and responsibilities of Pedelec d.o.o. Sarajevo.


Article 2.
1. A bicycle / electric bicycle is a vehicle that has at least 2 (two) wheels and is powered solely by the power of the rider or equipped with pedals and an auxiliary electric motor whose maximum continuous power is not greater than 0.25 kW and progressively decreases to zero when the speed reaches 25 km / h, or sooner, if the driver stops pedaling.
2. The owner of electric bicycles is Pedelec d.o.o., Brcanska 17, 71000 Sarajevo.
3. The user is a natural person who uses an electric bicycle on the basis of an electric bicycle rental agreement.
4. The Commission shall be composed of persons appointed by the Pedelec d.o.o. appointed to determine the damage caused to the electric bicycle resulting from its use, gross negligence of the Electric Bicycle User or in the case of bicycle theft. Electric Bicycles Owned by Pedelec d.o.o. are bicycles for public use as such should be accessible to as many users as possible.


Article 3
The bicycle may be used by any natural person over the age of 18 who holds a valid identity card and has signed a rental agreement for an electric bicycle. For minors, the rental agreement is approved by their legal representative.


Article 4.
An individual may apply to use an electric bicycle. Upon acceptance of the application, the User may enter into an agreement for the lease of an electric bicycle with the lessor Pedelec d.o.o., if the conditions of Article 3 of these General Conditions are fulfilled. By signing the Electric Bicycle Rental Agreement, the User agrees to these General Terms and Conditions and confirms that he is familiar with them before concluding the Electric Bicycle Rental Agreement and agrees to their application together with the Electric Bicycle Rental Agreement. An individual uses an electric bicycle under a signed electric bicycle rental agreement.


Article 5.
Pedelec d.o.o. shall, upon entering into an Electric Bicycle Rental Agreement, take from the User the following information: name and surname, ID number, address (street and house number), settlement, postal code, mobile number. Collected User Information, Pedelec d.o.o. may only be used for the needs of Pedelec d.o.o. and the User, governed by these General Terms and Conditions and concluded by the Electric Bicycle Rental Agreement. Pedelec d.o.o. shall have the right to submit information on the address of the User to the competent authorities if they submit proof that a procedure has been initiated against the User for committing a criminal offense or an offense.

Article 6.
The start of the use of the electric bicycle is the moment when the User, on the basis of the concluded agreement on the lease of the electric bicycle, makes the payment of the contract for the anticipated lease of the electric bicycle in accordance with the valid Pedelec d.o.o. price list, and rents the electric bicycle. In case of exceeding the contracted estimated duration of renting an electric bicycle for justifiable reasons (train stopping at the crossing, failure of the electric bicycle without the fault of the User, etc.) that can be objectively determined, the excess will not be charged to the User. Exceeding the agreed duration of the rental of an electric bicycle, except in the case referred to in the previous paragraph, shall be charged in accordance with the valid Price List.


Article 7.
The user may only rent one bicycle. The number of times the User can rent an electric bicycle in 1 (one) day is unlimited.


Article 8.
Borrowed electric bicycles may only be used for their own transportation within the City of Sarajevo. The fee for using an electric bicycle is charged according to the valid price list of the lessor, which is an integral part of these general conditions. The user is personally responsible for compliance with traffic rules and road safety laws. The user must ride bicycles with both hands, which must be on the steering wheel when riding. If the User moves on a road without lanes or lanes for cycling, he is obliged to move along the right edge of the roadway in the direction of movement. The roadway is crossed on a bicycle only at a marked pedestrian crossing, with the condition that it is checked beforehand that it is safe. On a marked pedestrian crossing when crossing, one must not ride a bicycle. In a group it is always necessary to ride a bicycle one after the other or in a column. The user is not permitted to make any modifications or changes to the bicycle. All users are advised to wear a safety helmet and all electric bicycle riders under the age of 16 are required to wear a safety helmet when riding. The User is prohibited from renting, renting or leasing the bicycle to third parties, natural or legal persons. Before using an electric bicycle, the User is obliged to check that the bicycle is correct or in the running position (pedal and chain correctness, steering, tires, brakes, lights and anything else that might affect the safety of cycling). Any failure on the bicycle that the User has rented and notices when using the bicycle, shall immediately be reported to the person of the lessor. On that occasion, Pedelec d.o.o. will provide the User with another, correct bicycle to use, if available.

Article 9.
Rented electric bicycle is not allowed to use:
a) persons under the age of 18 (except accompanied by an adult who rented a bicycle, in which case the adult is responsible for the minor)
b) for the transport of persons other than the driver (for safety reasons especially children)
c) for transport outside the borders of the City of Sarajevo
d) for the transport of combustible substances, explosives, toxic or dangerous materials
e) to participate in cycling or cycling events
f) in strong winds or bad weather
g) under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants.


Article 10.
The user undertakes to observe the traffic rules when parking and to ensure that the parked electric bicycle affects the safety of others in traffic.

It is forbidden to park a rented electric bicycle:
a) at traffic lights
b) on traffic signs
c) at the pedestrian crossing
d) at pedestrian crossings, I enjoy a distance of 1.50 meters
e) at the emergency exit area
f) in such a way that the electric bicycle covers one’s advertising space / advertising space
g) in homes, yards or vehicles.


Article 11.
The responsibility of the User for the bicycle starts from the moment of taking over the bicycle.

Article 12.
The user uses a rented electric bicycle at his own risk. The user assumes full responsibility for the damages to the bicycle and with the bicycle, which were caused by his fault. This also applies to claims against third parties.

Article 13.
The User shall be liable for damages caused by gross negligence or irresponsibility, as well as theft or damage caused by behavior contrary to these General Terms, negligent treatment of the bicycle and leaving it in the prohibited places referred to in Article 10 of the General Conditions. The User is also responsible for any additional damage and costs that may arise in the event that he / she does not cooperate with the Commission in determining the damage and / or the search for the perpetrator of bicycle theft or damage.

Article 14
If, during the rental of an electric bicycle, it is stolen, the User must notify the owner / renter (phone number: +387 61 214 959 ) or the nearest Police Department as soon as possible station ( 122 ).


Article 15.
Pedelec d.o.o. guarantees that all electric bicycles assembled for rent are in rolling stock, but does not exclude the possibility of malfunctions resulting from their regular use.

Article 16.
Pedelec d.o.o. is not responsible for personal items carried by the User on a bicycle. Pedelec d.o.o. shall not be liable for damages suffered by the User in the event that he does not use the electric bicycle in the manner prescribed by the General Conditions and the Electric Bicycle Rental Agreement.

Article 17.
In the case of theft of an electric bicycle, Pedelec d.o.o. is obliged to request from the competent authorities the number of the case under which the theft is filed and to file the stolen bicycle, which must contain the following documents:

a) Bicycle Value Card in the Bicycle Owner’s Business Books
b) a contract with the User to whom the bicycle was stolen while using the bicycle
c) the minutes of the Committee on the circumstances under which the bicycle was stolen
d) reporting to the bicycle theft authorities.

Article 18.
Pedelec d.o.o. is responsible for preventing the unauthorized use of the User’s data by third parties. User Data provided by Pedelec d.o.o. when establishing a contractual relationship based on the General Terms and Conditions, they may be used solely for the purpose specified in these General Terms and Conditions, otherwise Pedelec d.o.o. responds to the User for unauthorized use of personal information. In the event that the User observes that his data has been misused, he shall immediately inform Pedelec d.o.o., who is obliged to check the stated objection of the User, to examine his allegations and to inform him about the findings, and to sanction any misuse of data in accordance with his own acts.


rticle 19.
In the event of a traffic accident, the User is obliged to immediately report the accident to Pedelec d.o.o. ( +387 61 214 959 ) or the nearest Police Station ( 122 ). If the User does not report the accident, he will be liable to the lessor for any damage to the bicycle caused by the accident.


Article 20.
The termination of the use of the bicycle shall be considered the moment when the User returns the electric bicycle in proper condition to the owner / owner, and the responsible person Pedelec d.o.o. received the same in good condition.

Article 21.
If the User does not return the electric bicycle even after the expiry of the 24-hour period from the moment of conclusion of the bicycle rental contract, the User will be issued a ban on the use of the electric bicycle for a period of 3 (three) months.


Article 22.
Pedelec d.o.o. guarantees the confidentiality of personal information that the User has in any way made available to him, which implies: name and surname, ID number, address and mobile number. Data provided Pedelec d.o.o. will not make it available to anyone except at the behest of the court, the Attorney General’s Office, the police, or in the performance of other legal obligations. Such data will be provided by Pedelec d.o.o. use solely for the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions and the contractual relationship with the User, and upon termination of the contractual relationship, this information will no longer be used. The protection of personal data is based on the Law on Protection of Personal Data and other by-laws regulating the protection of personal data.


Article 23.
Both Contracting Parties may terminate the Electric Bicycle Rental Agreement at any time by written notice to the other Contracting Party.


Article 24.
Any disputes concerning the use of an electric bicycle shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the court according to the seat of the Pedelec d.o.o. Anything not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the provisions of the applicable Law on Obligations.

Article 25.
These General Terms will be available at the premises of Pedelec d.o.o., Brcanska 17, 71000 Sarajevo, and at the www.ebikesarajevo.com. In case of need for information on the use of electric bicycles, Pedelec d.o.o. is available via email: info@ebikesarajevo.com , phone: +387 61 214 959

Article 26.
These General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on the day of their adoption. An integral part of these General Conditions is the Price List for the Use of Electric Bikes.

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